About us

ASSIST spol. s r. o. is a Czech company providing software services mainly to RENAULT, leading global car manufacturer. Our task is to administer and develop the portfolio of several hundreds of applications running on many different platforms.

We are Europe Digital Hub specialized in IBM Power Systems (AS/400), IBM z Systems (MVS), AWS (Lambda), GCP (Kubernetes, G Suite, Data Studio) and Linux. Our developers are working with Java, Javascript, Python, SQL, COBOL or RPG. We have extensive work experience in QlikView, Piwik/Matomo, Dynatrace etc. and we are continually improving our technical expertise and knowledge of new technologies.

Education is also an integral part of our company's activities. The present portfolio of educational courses includes both commercial courses for company customers (banks and insurance companies) and unique courses for our employees, including cyber security.

We are also proud of our ASSIST Academy – special project which seeks to raise awareness of IBM Power Systems (AS/400) platform.