Academy ASSIST

For those driving for professional development

ASSIST Academy represents unique project of our company. The main target of this project is to raise and strenghten awareness of platforms which typically aren't subject of education at technical schools and which–quite often–aren't sufficiently known to IT experts as well. This includes midrange computer systems IBM Power Systems (AS/400) and mainframes IBM z System (S/390). ASSIST deals with these systems and related technologies more than 20 years. The reason is apparent: IBM Power Systems and mainframes (MVS) represent backbone of most significant market players both worldwide and in Czech Republic.

Renown operators, banking institutes, insurance companies or automotive companies rely on secure, compatible and reliable IBM Power Systems and IBM z Systems for decades. Programming languages as COBOL, RPG or CICS, relational databases DB2 and powerful control languages CL or JCL are unique in itself. But these systems, databases and languages do not represent dying technologies. ASSIST Academy would like to convince you that education of next generation of administrators, developers and advocates for these platforms could be absolutely perspective activity.

We have an offer both for students and for developers

As concerns the above mentioned platforms, only a limited amount of professional technical information is available on the Czech Internet, i.e. in Czech language. We would like to bridge this gap as well and offer a great opportunity both for students and for developers. The students can attend free of charge lectures or courses and get basic information about IBM systems. Experienced developers who like to experiment can develop Java applications or corporate intranet on secure object oriented operating system IBM i (OS/400). Those who are familiar with IBM systems can get certification and endorse their expert skills in an official way.

ASSIST Academy is open for all open-minded people. Visit (only in Czech).