Detail školení „COBOL/400 - Programování“

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Provide information about the basics of COBOL language, its syntax and technics of programming in COBOL. Work with tools for creating and debugging programs.


Programmers and analysts, software service/maintenance specialists.


Experience with computer technologies, basic knowledge of work with AS/400, knowledge of AS/400 basic terms.


Programming under OS/400

  • Objects, file system, libraries, libraries list
  • Interactive and batch processing
  • Description of DB files and transactional files (I/O devices)
  • SEU, SDA, RLU tools
  • Selected commands of control language

Introduction to COBOL language

  • Editing a program
  • Compilation, start
  • Debug
  • System debug environment
  • Interactive Source Debugger
  • Error log

Transactional files

  • Externally described transactional files
  • Copying of a description file to a program
  • Work with externally described transactional file
  • Indicators in the record and outside of the record
  • Subfile
  • Program described files
  • Specification for a transactional file in the Environment Division
  • Description of a file in the Data Division
  • Work with transactional files in the Procedure Division

Database files

  • Method of access to DB files
  • Sequential access
  • Index access
  • Relative access
  • Specification of a DB file in the Environment Division
  • Description of a DB file in the Data Division

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