Detail školení „CL/400 - Programování“

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Overview of ways of use of the Command language (CL) to create user applications, as well as use of CL for system support and service functions.


Programmers, operating programmers, advanced users.


Basic knowledge of OS/400, PDM, SEU.


  • Introduction, basic terms, types and organization of an object
  • Command language (CL)
  • Work with variables
  • Work with files
  • Communication between programs
  • Handling of messages
  • Prompting
  • Creation and debug of CL programs
  • ILE CL - conception and use
  • Service programs QCLSCCAN, QCMDEXC, QCMDCHK, QDCXLATE and their use
  • Creation of user defined commands
  • Practical demonstration of resolution of some problems

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