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ILE is short for Integrated Language Environment. The main purpose concept of ILE is to facilitate the interconnection of programs written in different languages, increase the reusability of programs (via join of modules) and to improve by this mean their maintainability, increase performance of programs, especially of their mutual calling, to allow a separate processing of applications through activating groups (so called "subtasks" of OS/400 tasks).


The course is designed for programmers familiar with RPG IV language (more exactly ILE RPG/400), who need a more thorough knowledge of ILE concept.


Knowledge of RPG IV language (ILE RPG/400).


Index and basified variables

  • Addressing of basified variables
  • Operations with index

Procedures and P form

  • Structure of a program - module
  • Example of subprocedure - function

ILE - Integrated Language Environment

  • Modules and program
  • Calling of programs and procedures
  • Passing parameters to procedures
  • Service programs
  • Export and Import
  • Joining program (binder)
  • Activation groups
  • Termination of procedures, programs and activation groups
  • Processing error status

Examples - service programs

  • Combination of service programs
  • Date function + exercise

Examples - activation groups

  • Files used in the examples
  • Programs in the same activation group
  • Programs in different activation groups
  • Static memory of the service program


  • Errors in an ILE program
  • Discussion

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