Detail školení „IBM Power Systems (AS/400) - Obsluha a souvislosti“

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Provide information about principles and service of AS/400 system with elements of its administration.


Operators, Programmers, system administrators.


Computer technology experience.


1st day

  • Introduction – principal system profiles, main system menu, system values, functional buttons
  • Switching on and off, IPL and related system values and system programs
  • Jobs management
    • subsystems and system jobs
    • manipulations commands
    • checking the system status
    • manipulation with jobs
    • subsystem and job description

2nd day

  • Spooling - input and output queue, writers
  • Work with devices and error status
  • Messages exchange, handling with message queues, error messages
  • Backup and system and objects recovery

3d day

  • Security – setting of conditions for access to objects, creation of user and group profiles
  • Hardware sources – introduction to the hardware configuration
  • Work with protocols (history log, job log, error log)
  • Work with licensed programs and PTF

4th day

  • Programming environment PDM, SEU, SDA
  • Access to database - QUERY, SQL

Miscellaneous - discussion about possible particular problems, single cases of installation, clarifying unclear points ...

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