IBM Power Systems (AS/400)

Reliable platform for your business

Do you want to save financial means in IT and prefer to invest them in a growth of your company? Do you operate with broad spectrum of really complex applications? Is the software, reliability of technique, compatibility and continuity important for you? Then you are looking for computer series IBM Power Systems (before System i, iSeries, AS/400). The IBM Power Systems platform is modular and highly adaptable, thus it is optimum solution for small, medium and large companies, state institutes or banking sector.

  • 64-bit RISC multicore processors prepared for 128-bit future
  • Virtualization, integrated relational database DB2
  • Object-oriented operation system IBM i (before IBM i5/OS, IBM OS/400)
  • Possibility of operation file-oriented OS based on Unix (AIX, LINUX), network, web, cloud and mobile services (Apache, IIS, Notes/Domino etc.)
  • Possibility of running of a higher number of (various or same) operation systems on one physical machine
  • Integrated developement enviroment (ILE)-languages C, C++, CL, COBOL, Fortran, RPG
  • Support of Java and JVM 32bit/64bit, BASIC, EGL, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PL/I, Python, REXX, Smalltalk, SQL etc.
  • Thousands of third party programs


Software Development & Maintenance

  • Application programming in COBOL/400, RPG/400, CL/400, ILE environment
  • API, EXIT programs, web services, triggers
  • JVM 32bit/64bit
  • Web applications for IBM Power Systems (Net.Data, PHP, Java)
  • Application development in the SYNON/CA2E environment


Supervision & Administration

  • System installation and configuration
  • PTF application
  • System maintenance and new versions
  • Management of licensed products
  • User management
  • Task management
  • Monitoring of system security
  • Communications and internet
  • Remote system supervision
  • Advanced API programming, program exits, web services



  • Security check at the system level
  • Security check at the user level
  • Security check of TCP/IP settings
  • Security check at the work management level
  • Security check at the resource level
  • Security check at the application level
  • Security monitoring



Full or partial training of specialists for required profile.

  • Operator
  • Developer
  • SEC Administrator
  • SEC Officer
  • Development Specialist
  • Database Specialist


Data Communication

  • Bidirectional conversion between DB2 and MySQL, ORACLE, INFORMIX, POSTGRES, MS SQL
  • Online DB2 replication into other databases on other platforms with the option of defining data structures on the target system
  • Data exchange between IBM Power Systems and other platforms via web services
  • Optimization of DB2 database performance



  • Migration from DB2 to Oracle, Informix
  • Migration from other platforms to DB2
  • Migration and modernization of applications from IBM Power Systems to Java
  • Migration of IBM Power Systems platform to Java
  • Other migration services depending on specific requirements of the given client