We are registered consulting partner

The cloud-based Salesforce system enables to track all customer information and interactions in one place, anywhere. It allows quickly find experts to push deals along, then recognize them for contributions in the same system. The system has been characterized by really innovative approach. That´s why we decided to setup an implementation team of certified specialists and became registered Salesforce partner.

For more information about Salesforce system and our services go to our special web (in Czech).


Salesforce system implementation includes five basic phases:

  • System presentation and consulting services
    • Initial analysis in order to acquire basic information concerning the customer organization and to define the licensing requirements (number of end users, platforms used by the customer organization, volume of data for import into Salesforce etc.)
    • Project team development
    • Plan of license procurement and plan of Salesforce system implementation
  • Business process analysis
    • Analysis of business department processes
    • Defining of real customer needs and requirements in cooperation with customer sales managers and agents
    • Defining of exact needs based on the analysis
    • Proposal of solution variants
    • Support of the customer within the process of final solution selection
  • System set-up
    • Procurement of licenses for customer end users
    • System set-up and administration in accordance with the defined requirements
    • Continuous revision and additional adjustments based on customer remarks and suggestions
    • Import of data from the existing platform to Salesforce
    • Creation of initial reports and dashboards
    • Potential integration of Salesforce with another systems of the customer
  • Support and further development
    • End user training
    • User guide
    • Solving of user requirements arising from the Salesforce system utilization
    • Remote administration of Salesforce system
  • Individual Training based on needs and requirements



We are able to integrate Salesforce system with a variety of other platforms and systems. The integration enables the customer to preserve existing necessary systems and to maximize benefits offered by the innovative cloud solution – Salesforce platform


Data Migration

  • The (bidirectional) migration of data in Salesforce system represents an opportunity for consolidation and securing of private company data.
  • We are able to develop an adjusted solution for smooth transfer of your data into the cloud system irrespective of the presently used data storage solution
  • The services include the necessary support and consultation as well



Our specialist will focus on opportunities for streamlining and simplifying of your business processes. Based on detailed analysis an optimum version of Salesforce system will be designated. The consulting services are provided in cooperation with your end users who are owners of pertinent unique information enabling to find the optimum solution.



We offer an adjustment of Salesforce system to your specific needs and requirements.



We provide training of users – work with system, establishing and maintaining of accounts, contacts, campaigns, editing of all tabs and cards, using of Chatter communication interface etc..



We provide services in the area of post-implementation support which enables the system flexibly react on changes in the company and on the market.


Change Management

We offer services in the area of Change Management for the Salesforce system.